Helping Our Youth Thrive

We provide enrichment activities, mentoring, and annual events to at-promise youth in Los Angeles and Orange Counties.

How kids spend their time is important.

We realized the youth in our community needed more positive outlets, so we made it our mission to be part of the solution.

CST is made up of people from the very community we serve, so it gives us first hand insight into exactly what our kids need. We’re helping shape a better tomorrow by offering resources, positive influences, and specially catered activities to the youth in our community.


Children Striving Together isn’t your average after-school special.

The “CST effect” is all about the way youth leave our organization. With every event, activity, and encounter at CST, we let our youth know we’re here for them.


Our organization is about more than activities. We’re here to mentor and add value to children’s futures. When youth enter any new chapter of their lives, we want them to have a positive effect on the people they encounter.

How We Help L.A. and Orange County Youth Thrive

Health & Wellness

At CST, we know that physical health is just as important as mental health. That is why we always offer activities that keep our youth moving. From sporting activities to physical activities at our events, we know that this is part of helping our youth thrive!

Academic Support

We know that academic support is important for the youth in our community. To support this, we offer tutoring and homework support. We have developed strategies that support our children in their goals for academic development.


We know that as our youth get older, they have more options which means more opportunities to find themselves in challenging situations. We strive to empower our youth through enrichment activities such as arts and crafts, teen book clubs, field trips, and much more. It is our goal to enhance their quality of life outside the classroom.

Upcoming Events

  • 5th Annual Black Tie Masquerade Gala
    Fri, Oct 29
    Huntington Beach
    CST's 5th Annual Black Tie Masquerade Gala is well on it's way. With so many things that have taken place within the past year from being on lockdown due to a pandemic no one saw coming, to disruption and distraction amongst our people, we want to be able to do something that puts smiles back on all
  • Winter Carnival Toy Giveaway
    Sat, Dec 18
    Our Annual Toy Giveaway has turned into a winter carnival this year. You don't want to miss it! Over the past years, we have given away so many toys with out first year have 150 attendees to ending with 4200 attendees. We are so excited to give back to the community as a whole again.
Together We Can Thrive.jpeg
"I love that they are sincerely there for the kids. It’s not fake, Christi and her crew care about bringing programs that will impact our youth."
Robert Ray | Compton, CA

Want to help the youth of L.A. and Orange Counties thrive?