Our mission

standing behind the mission

Our mission is to support at-risk children as well as children in the community by providing them with quality services to foster their growth as individuals.


We plan on doing so by offering enrichment programs based on the children’s interests which may include art, sports, music, dance, volunteer opportunities, high school and college prep workshops and many more. Our programs will continue to grow and evolve based on the needs and interests of the children as well as provide an outlet for children to explore their talents. It is our goal to help at-risk children and the children in the community realize that their struggles and obstacles don’t have to determine their life but that they can overcome adversity with help and hard work.

Our impact

Impacting Our Community

We identified a problem in our community and made it our mission to be a part of the solution. The youth in our community do not have enough positive outlets and we knew that needed to change. By offering enrichment activities, special events, and an outlet for our youth, the impact has been invaluable. 

CST is made of people from the very community that we service which makes our mission personal, We have seen our youth leave CST with great leadership skills, social skills, and academic improvement. We offer our youth life skills that will shape them for their future.

our future

The future is bright

The future of CST is bright. The goal was to impact the world starting with our community and we are well on our way. We aim to to have youth centers around the world that offer special enrichment activities catered to the communities we service, even greater academic support, and a chance to add value to all youth lives.