Children Striving Together offers a wide range of programs and services to its members. We believe every child is unique and has something special to offer. We intend to provide a place where children can discover and explore their interests and nurture their talents.

The type of services we offer are very diverse to ensure that every child can feel right at home. We also take suggestions for services that are not currently offered. Take a look below for a list of our services!


CST provides an educational enrichment program to help with the transition of our youth no matter what stage they are in. We have assembled a team to help with what could be a difficult and confusing time. We offer different tools and materials, provide workshops, and one-on-one tutoring.


Children can get assistance in: basic studies, prepping for the SAT's, college applications, and much more. Our job is to make sure their transition is smooth and they are confident in the decisions they make.



CST provides a mentorship program to help with the personal development of each CST member. Dedicated mentors devote a minimum of 4 hours a month to a child that they are paired with. Our mentors are committed to encouraging each child to be their best and brightest. We provide a safe environment for Mentors and Mentees to exchange knowledge and support.



CST is all about helping our youth thrive, but what better way to do this than to have our very own teens assisting with the younger ones? Our unique teen volunteer program enables our teens to receive their community service hours, learn life skills, and help other kids as well. 

Our teens are molded into future leaders and help other members of their community who are in need as well.


At CST we like to “keep the ball rolling.” We instill in our members that it is not enough to survive alone, but imperative to help someone else on your way. Through various activities like volunteering, fundraising, and exploratory trips children can learn to help others that are in need while still having fun!